................OUTAROAD FEATURED VIDEO OF THE WEEK................

....................VIEW THE OUTAROAD TOP 20 HOT SINGLES CHART BELOW....................

OutAroad Hot Singles Chart also has a huge international following... So songs that are also doing well overseas will be climbing the chart as well ... OutAroad Wi Seh!!!

11 - Ginjah - Sweet Killer - Silly Walks Discotheque - (Peaked@#2) - Falling Off

12 - Tarrus Riley - To The Limit (Hurry Up) - JukeBoxx/BSMG/JamHouse - (2weeks@#1) - Falling Off

13 - JCapri - Reverse It - Head Concussion Records - (Move 1 Place Up)

14 - I-Octane - Trendsetta - (Zum) Good Good Prod. (Move 1 Place Up)

15 - Demarco - Good Book - H20 Records (Zj Liquid) - (Move 2 Places Up)

16 - Tiana - Yuh Nuh Groupie - (123 Counteraction) U.I.M Records - (Peaked@#4) - Falling Off

17 - Kalado - Personally - DreDay Prod. (Move 3 Places Up)

18 - Tiana - Gyal Broad Out - HitMaker Muzik - (Peaked@#2) - Falling Off

19 - NEW Vybz Kartel (Addi Innocent) - Nuh Play Wid Fire - Yellow Moon Records

20 - NEW Demarco - Bad Gyal Anthem - Full Charge Records (ZJ Dymond)


Top Five Bubblers Out A Road

1 - Vybz Kartel - Without Money - Short Boss Muzik

2 - Mavado - My Own - H20 Records (Zj Liquid)

3 - Tiana - Batty Rider - Fireside Imperial/ChrisRock Music

4 - Serani ft Melloquence - Party Tun Up - Bikini Ape Records

5 - G Whizz - Any Day - Fireside Imperial/ChrisRock Music















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September 21, 2014

Foota Hype Opens Up On Ishawna - OnStage With Winford Williams

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Kalado Bottled In Africa?

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Kanye West says he is a better Rapper than Tupac

By HipHopStarShip

Kanye-West-Tupac.jpgFive years have passed since Kanye West rudely interrupted Taylor Swift at the Video Music Awards but he's back into the headlines for insulting one of the rap industry's most beloved performers, Tupac Shakur.

In a statement that's sending shock waves across the music industry, Kanye West dissed Tupac Shakur by calling him the "most overrated rapper in history" while chatting after a celebrity showing of Jonathan Liebesman's newest film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, at the Hollywood Theatre in Hollywood, California.

The gala was hosted by the movie's stars, Megan Fox and Will Arnett and attendees included a host of musicians and film stars.

The topic of 2Pac came up in conversation when an undisclosed person mentioned to Kanye that his newest studio album, Yeezus, reminded him of Shakur's breakout record, Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.

Shakur is one of the top selling artists of all-time, with album sales in excess of 75 million and counting, but West is not impressed and didn't appreciate the comparison.

"How you gonna go compare my music to 2Pac?" he said, "2Pac wasn't no musician. He was an actor. What was he in? Juice? Above the Rim? He was the most overrated rapper in history and you come up in here comparing him to me? A real rapper…a real star."

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Listen to Episode 112 of the weekly DRB Show with @YoungLion21



Young Lion presents EPISODE 112 of the weekly #DRB aka "Dancehall Reggae Bashment Show"
Vybz Kartel continues to release music + I Octane teams up with Gaza Slim!
Nothing but da best Dancehall Reggae Vibes in da mix.
Brought to you courtesy & Twitter @younglion21

Download Link>

iTunes Link: Subscribe to get the free weekly podcast downloaded automatically to your Apple device.

TUNEIN Radio App Link:

*ALSO SYNDICATED ON: Australia Reggae Radio * Da Flava Radio (USA) * Vibe Radio (N.Ireland) * West Coast Radio (Gambia)*

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September 16, 2014

TALK YUH MIND vol.13 - Tommy Lee Sparta vs UIM Records @DemarcoDadon

Continue reading "TALK YUH MIND vol.13 - Tommy Lee Sparta vs UIM Records @DemarcoDadon" »

New Releases from 21st Hapilos - Voicemail's Shampoo remix ft Konshens & More @Jwonder21


After a busy summer of performing at various festivals worldwide, billboard chart topping star Busy Signal is back with a hit bound blazing single "Up". Produced by Stainless Music and distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital, "Up" is now available on itunes

As one of dancehall favorite group Voicemail has entertained music fans with many top charting singles. To their fans delight they have remixed their latest hot single "Shampoo" with dancehall star Konshens and Dancehall entertainer Ding Dong. Produced by Ballaz Productions, "Shampoo" remix is out now itunes via 21st Hapilos Digital.

Dj Karim / Stainless Music presents the sweet Reggae sounds of the "Mellow Moods Rhythm" featuring reggae star Sizzla with "Jah Children", Jah Vinci "Something About Your Love" and Kimanda "You Got Me". Distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital, "Mellow Moods Rhythm" is now available on itunes.

Continue reading "New Releases from 21st Hapilos - Voicemail's Shampoo remix ft Konshens & More @Jwonder21" »

@21stHapilos New Releases: Vybz Kartel, Konshens & RDX @Jwonder21


Yet another hit single from international dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel with the Kanambo Music produced single "A-Bay". Vybz Kartel has long ago cemented his place in dancehall and still delivers hits after hits regardless of trials and tribulations. Distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital, the hot single is now available on itunes

Dancehall Star indeed they are with a slew of #1 hits, sold out worldwide performances and millions of views on their various videos, and so is dancehall dynamic duo title of their latest single. Produced by their own imprint label Apt 19, "Dancehall Star" is out now on itunes via 21st Hapilos Digital.

Successful Brixton Music Group presents "I Wanna Be The One" performed by dancehall and reggae star Konshens & rising star Chevaughn. Both crooners fantastically blend their voices to tell the ladies "I Wanna Be The One". The hit bound single is now available on itunes distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital.

Continue reading "@21stHapilos New Releases: Vybz Kartel, Konshens & RDX @Jwonder21" »

Droop Lion is no monk; singer keeps it real on tour with The Gladiators

Droop-Lion-Europe-Gladiators.jpgFollowing on their super successful 25-date European tour in February, and the subsequent dizzying round of festivals in the summer, Droop Lion and The Gladiators are back on Jamaican soil, recuperating, reflecting and ready for intense studio work. Whereas, The Gladiators are seasoned hands at the touring game and know exactly how to circumvent the many potential pitfalls, Droop Lion is learning, and learning quickly too.

Droop Lion, who has been relatively newly-baptised as lead singer of the legendary reggae group, makes no claims to being a monk, or any such holy figure, however, when on tour, his circumspect behaviour has led to such questionings. But, being the soul that he is, Droop takes this all in his stride and maintains his Rastafari livity. An ardent musical ambassador, whose choice of on-stage rainment - a gown - makes him somewhat of an ethereal figure, Droop makes no apologies for his conscious decision to let his music do all the talking.

"I learnt a long time ago that you can't mix business with pleasure," the humble, yet outspoken, reggae singer said. "Especially when the business that you are in involves excess amount of hype. I enjoy being on stage and I also enjoy interacting with fans, taking pictures and signing autographs, because that is another important aspect of the business. But we all know how the world set up, as long as there are so called 'celebrities', there will always be those persons who want to get intimate," he noted.

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September 12, 2014

@NickiMinaj Old High School Won't Let Her Speak To Its Current Students - And Here's Why

By PerezHilton


That's because after she tried to reach out to her old stomping grounds, LaGuardia High School, to give a speech to the current students, she was told by administration that she wasn't welcome.

Nicki took to Twitter to vent, saying:


It seems that Principal Lisa Mars denied Nicki's request to speak with the students at her alma mater.

But that's not the worst part: LaGuardia is a Performing Arts school!
That's right. Nicki is literally one of the most successful entertainers out there right now and she isn't allowed to give a speech to students who are studying to do exactly what she's doing.

And it's not like Nicki is even a bad influence on anyone's potential education. She's actually one of the most outspoken advocates for staying in school.
It just doesn't make any sense to us that a principal would stop someone who could be such a positive influence on their kids from speaking to the student body.
We guess Nicki will just have to keep her success from Anaconda to herself.

Continue reading "@NickiMinaj Old High School Won't Let Her Speak To Its Current Students - And Here's Why" »

Beenie Man's "My Ratings" answers Elephant Man & HOT97 Interview - @StudioVybz @KingBeenieMan


Beenie-Man-My-Ratings-studio-vybz-itunes.jpgGrammy Winner & self proclaimed King of the dancehall Beenie Man has never backed from a challenge to defend the title or comment on the state of dancehall and his colleagues during his 22+ year career. While on his 2014 USA Tour, the dancehall icon did an interview on New York City HOT97 which angered fellow artist Elephant Man and dancehall fans. Despite the backlash, Beenie Man has no regrets and chose to respond lyrically with a song titled "My Ratings" on Drunken Fridays Riddim produced by Studio Vibes Records, released August 26 and distributed by 21st Haplios. In the song, he said, "king of the dancehall from birth mi ordained/ Mi badda than the whole a dem, mi nuh fraid fi call name/ From '92 till now mi caan lame, it nuh tek nutten fi hit all when mi nah aim/ Weh dem a hype bout mi already do/ Nuh matter how dem cross, angry and miserable, dem haffi acknowledge mi as the incredible."

Continue reading "Beenie Man's "My Ratings" answers Elephant Man & HOT97 Interview - @StudioVybz @KingBeenieMan" »

Iggy Azalea Breaks Silence on Alleged Sex Tape - @IggyAzalea

Entertainment Reporter

Iggy-Sex-Tape-Real-or-Fake-gossip.jpgAmid rumors this week that an Iggy Azalea sex tape is being shopped around, the Australian rap sensation took to Twitter to set the record straight.

"I dont have a sex tape but for the record..." Azalea, 24, wrote. "Anyone who releases or attempts to make profit off someone else's intimate moments against their will is a sex offender."

This comment comes weeks after dozens of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton had naked pictures released on the Internet without their consent or permission. The FBI is now investigating that particular hack.

WATCH: Australian Rapper Iggy Azalea Talks New Album

READ: FBI Is 'Addressing' Massive Celebrity Photo Hack

Azalea continued, "& it honestly makes me sick to see the media encourage any other attitude towards those sorts of people, we should want to protect our women ... and i really hope that america will follow Europe and their laws to better protect peoples privacy and fundamental rights."

She closed with some humor, adding, "and on that note, I'm off to get a manicure. peaaaaccceeeeeee outtttttt *drops the mic*"

Continue reading "Iggy Azalea Breaks Silence on Alleged Sex Tape - @IggyAzalea" »

Shaggy Set to World Premiere Video for 3rd Single from His Album - @DirealShaggy

Shaggy-if-yuh-slip-u-slide.jpgNew York, New York - Grammy award winning reggae/dancehall artist Shaggy is set to premiere the video for his third single off his critically acclaimed album, 'Out Of Many One Music', produced by the dynamic Jamaican drum and bass duo Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare and Sting. The single titled, 'If U Slip U Slide (You Could Be Mine)' features beautiful songstress Melissa Musique. Together both Shaggy and Melissa exemplify their feelings for each other, while coming to the realization that they could share the rest of life together.

The video, which is set to premiere worldwide on Friday, September 12, is a fun, lighthearted, jovial video of two individuals taking a ride around town in their Fiat 500 Abarth. The video takes place on the South Shore of Long Island in a ranch like atmosphere, which is so fitting for this single as both Shaggy and Melissa Musique enjoys nature and express their feelings to one another. The video, which is not crowded with a lot of extras, highlights two individuals sharing the same sentiments and expressing their feelings while driving around town. As they are driving and sharing this intimate space together, the melody will captivate and take you along that nice end of summer ride.

Shaggy's album 'Out of Many One Music' is the first exclusively one drop reggae release of the artist's celebrated 25 year recording career. This album has received numerous accolades from the industry movers and shakers and continues to move units despite the lull today in album sales across all genres.

"The first two singles we released received great reviews and we are pleased to still have such interest in the album. So we plan to do a re-release of 'Out of Many One Music' by the end of the year, which will include new tracks. If U Slip U Slide is a great single giving a nice old school reggae vibe with a modern twist and people are loving it" says Shaggy.

Continue reading "Shaggy Set to World Premiere Video for 3rd Single from His Album - @DirealShaggy" »

Michael Allan Teams Up with Konshens & Séyi Shay for Slick Remixes

Konshens-Michael-Allan-Seyi-Shay.jpgTrinidad and Tobago-based StarBlu Entertainment crafts two new hits for its flagship soca artist, Michael Allan. Allan's explosive R&B-meets-soca fusion track "Show You," which was the label's first international release back in June, gets a facelift with not one but two scintillating remixes, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on September 8, 2014 from FOX FUSE.

Producers Ajari Jules, Romell "Smiddy" Smith, Juston London and Daryl Samuel make up the collective known as StarBlu Entertainment, which has been composing hits for over five years now.

Continuing its strong tradition of creating melodies full of island flavor mixed with pop influences, StarBlu Entertainment scores another win for Micheal Allan with Jamaican dancehall star Konshens featured on both remixes, while British Afropop diva Séyi Shay is featured alongside Konshens on one, making for some party anthems for fans of soca, dancehall and British pop music, worldwide.

1. Show You (Remix 1) Featuring Konshens
2. Show You (Remix 2) Featuring Konshens and Séyi Shay

Continue reading "Michael Allan Teams Up with Konshens & Séyi Shay for Slick Remixes" »

September 9, 2014

Multi Media Personality @NikkizHot20 Social Impact Recognized by Hip Hop Legend @LLCoolJ

Nikki-Z-Ll-Cool-J.jpgDubbed the Caribbean Ryan Seacrest, popular media maven Nikki Z social media impact is evident in her many endeavors, but never more so than this week when she received an acknowledgement nod from legendary Grammy winner legendary LL Cool J.

As dancehall appeal becomes more evident in today's mainstream music, notable acts collaborations between genres delight worldwide fans. Such is the case for the recent hit single "Hustler" featuring LL Cool J and Mavado. Producer Jerry Wonda as many others in the business, sent Nikki the track to listen and get her honest feedback. Nikki Z is the host of her popular syndicated weekly radio countdown program "Nikki Z HOT 20".

"As soon as the producer Jerry Wonda sent it to my inbox, I had heard the song, loved it, so I uploaded the song with the Nikki'z Radio drop as to prevent illegal download. It was late but I happen to be awake those hours. The post went viral while i was sleeping". stated the Diva.

By morning the post was all over social media sites where it reached LL Cool J who couldn't resist saying thank you personally to the Diva. "Jerry put me on a conference call with LL and he thanked me for starting the movement with this track, It's still surreal to have someone you grew up watching through TV, magazines. someone so established take time out to recognize my work." Her version was subsequently chosen by LL as the soundtrack for the official video release on world famous WorldStar. When asked why she thought they used the version with her stamp in it. Nikki said "I was told by Mavado's manager LL felt it was right because I was the 1st person to play the track"

Continue reading "Multi Media Personality @NikkizHot20 Social Impact Recognized by Hip Hop Legend @LLCoolJ" »

@21stHapilos New Releases: Cardiac Reggae Series The Trilogy, Luciano, Demarco - @Jwonder21


CR203 Records presents Cardiac Reggae Series, The Trilogy of Cardiac Bass, Cardiac Strings and Cardiac Keys Riddims. Spearheaded by ZJ Chrome, Resident DJ on one of Jamaica's top station "Zip FM". ZJ Chrome/CR 203 records productions have spun various number of hits on reggae and dancehall charts around the world! This must have collectible series features some of the most impressive names in dancehall and reggae music. From international dancehall star Vybz Kartel, Bugle, Ce'Cile, Alaine, Christopher Martin, I Octane, Jah Cure, Keida, Lutan Fyah, Raine Seville, Voicemail, Romain Virgo, Tarrus Riley and Tifa. Hit filled Cardiac Reggae Series, The Trilogy is now available on itunes distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital.

Warrior Chief Productions presents "Culture Shock" performed by highly respected legendary conscious singer Luciano. Beloved by worldwide reggae music lovers, Luciano once stated that "What the people need is spirituality through positive messages and that's what Luciano and reggae is all about." Distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital, "Culture Shock" is available on itunes via 21st Hapilos Digital.

As it is often the case in dancehall, a song will inspire a dance, or vice versa, such is the case for Demarco latest hit single "Puppy Tail". A Dunwell Productions, the hit single has created a social media buzz with the making of the video hitting 20 thousand views in less than 2 weeks. "Puppy Tail" is now available on itunes distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital.

Becoming an unlikely internet sensation, Canadian teenager Lucas D won the hearts of worldwide reggae and dancehall lovers with his stirring acoustic cover of billboard charting artist Popcaan "Party Shot/Only Man She Want" medley on youtube. His obvious love and respect for dancehall and impressive mastered patois saw the young man make several appearances during his subsequent Jamaica trip during which time he hit the studio for his debut single "Make My Rounds". Produced by E5 Records and distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital "Make My Rounds" is now available on itunes.

Dancehall star Agent Sasco aka Assassin who boasts many accolades such as being featured on Kanye West’s Yeezus album, has once again delivered his distinctive style on "Ruff Life" a Randy Rich Productions/Riva Nile Productions. "Ruff Life" is out now on itunes distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital.

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